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Leather Weightlifting Belt

I purchased a small order of Spirit In Fitness belts for the team at my local gym. The quality was outstanding; strong, durable and comfortable throughout all lifts. Definitely recommend for anyone lifting extra heavy and looking for attire that lasts.

Samuel I.
Auckland, NZ

Suede Leather Weightlifting Belt Magenta

Perfect. Love the belt, and the colour is amazing. The buckle took a little
while to get used to as not a usual buckle, but once you do it's great.


Wrist Wraps

The wrist wraps are great. Very sturdy and supportive when weight lifting. Using the product has made a difference and definitely supports the wrists. I would recommend the product.

Tracy B.
Queensland, AUS

Arm Blaster

Ultra solid design and arm plate for durability and value for money. Practically unbreakable

Samuel I.
Auckland, NZ

Our Mission

They say struggle breeds character and we agree! There is no escaping hardship for anyone and we believe one of our best weapons in this life is a hardy body and a resilient mind. We want to bring you quality gear so that you can instill a permanent healthy lifestyle and get the most out of this life. We believe training hard encourages a robust body, and a balanced spirit and mindset. The result is a happier person who has clarity and strength, built to overcome any struggle they may face.

Once you lift yourself from the dirt, you might even be strong enough to lift up those around you.

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Limited Edition
Suede LEATHER Weightlifting BELT
Introducing the Spirit In Magenta Weightlifting Belt! Designed to be as strong as your are!
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weight lifting belt
Extreme comfort
An everyday belt so comfortable, you won't want to train without it.
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Why choose us?

We create because we believe in strength

Spirit In Fitness is an Australian owned and operated brand that believes training brings an unmatched confidence, well-being and strength that everyone has a right to attain. Whether you hit the gym or workout at home, we strive to bring you the best fitness gear to keep you motivated and get the results you crave.